Frequently asked questions…

Q- How physically fit do I need to be for a Devon Coast to Coast?

A- Ideally you will be able to cycle 25 + miles comfortably in an 8 hour day.  We can organise the Devon Coast to Coast over 1 to 5 days depending on the level of challenge or relaxation you would prefer.  The total route is 105 miles in length and because you’re in Devon there will be some hills.

Q- Can children cycle the route?

A- Yes and we would guide children on the route provided they can meet the same expectations that we ask of the adult participants.  It is unusual for a child under 10 years old to cycle the sort of distances required.  The Bike Bus can offer support and collect you and your bikes from the route if required.  We can also help to design a route that is acheivable for younger riders.

Q- We are a large group, can we all go?

A- Yes, the route is lots of fun, the more the merrier!  We do ask that you allow for the possibility of camping, this is due to the likelihood of our hotels and B & B’s being fairly busy during the peak times.  We can move up to 30 people and bikes at a time, our glamping option allows for groups to have the ultimate group cycling experience with us!

Q- Does a cycling group leader come with us?

A- Yes a group leader can lead your ride!  We can offer highly experienced local group leaders with first aid, cycle leader and mechanical qualifications to give you the peace of mind that you’d expect to feel when on a guide led cycling tour.

Q – Are there many things to do on the way?

A- Yes there are a number of great towns and villages on the route, as well as tourist attractions and of course Dartmoor.  We can suggest plenty of things to keep you occupied.

 If you have any other questions then Please do get in touch by calling or using our contact form. We are more than happy to answer questions and will do our best to accommodate.